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Engineering Anthropometry


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Lea Siebler, M.Sc.

Sport and Exercise Science TU München
Volunteer testing, Motion Analysis, Electromyography

Dr. med. Sylvia Schick, MD, MPH, CAISS

Medicine LMU München /MPH Public Health LMU München/ M.D. Biomechanics Ulm University
Anatomical modelling, Gender, Ethical aspects


Johanna Kerschreiter, M.Sc., cand. med.

Angelina Zott, cand. med.

David Hauptstein, cand. med.

Daniel Hanesch, cand. med.

Luca Baur, cand. med.


External PhD students:

Ioannis Symeonidis, M.Sc.

Mechanical Engineering Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / Biomechanics Paris Tech
Motion Analysis, Multi-body modelling

Current Vacancies:

Internship or student assistant: possible at any time

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Recent publications:

  • González-García, M., Siebler, L., Muehlbauer, J., Schick, S., Peldschus, S., Weber, J. (2023): Kinematic response of seated male volunteers in various reclined postures on a sled subjected to a braking pulse. In: Accident; analysis and prevention 193, S. 107293. DOI: 10.1016/j.aap.2023.107293.
  • David Hauptstein, Lea Siebler, Julia Muehlbauer, Sylvia Schick, Sarah Thaler, Simon T. Schaefer, Steffen Peldschus. Analysis of Boundary Conditions in Locally Focused Passive Validation Experiments for Human Body Models, IRCOBI conference 2022, Porto, Portugal 2022, IRC-22-31.
  • Laura Rieger, Julia Mühlbauer, Steffen Peldschus. Eine 3D-Analyse der Wirbelsäule in unterschiedlichen Rückenlehnenneigungen und Untersuchung des Effekts auf Insassenkinematik im Frontcrash unter Nutzung eines THUMS Menschmodells, 13. VDI Fahrzeugsicherheit, Berlin, 2022.
  • Daniel Hanesch, Julia Mühlbauer, Elke C. Sattler, Nicholas Möllhoff, Riccardo E. Giunta, Steffen Peldschus, Sylvia Schick. Pelvic Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Thickness Ana Outer Shape Change With Position For Numerical Modeling. ESBiomech conference, Porto, Portugal 2022.
  • Schick, S., Muehlbauer, J., Wagner, A., Fischer, F., Puschnig, M., Pfeiffer, N., & Peldschus, S. (2021). Subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness around the ASIS area for human body models in reclined positions. Traffic Injury Prevention, 1-3. DOI: 10.1080/15389588.2021.1982622
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  • Julia Muehlbauer, María González-García, Lea Siebler, Sylvia Schick, Steffen Peldschus. Evaluation of Initial Volunteer Test Conditions in Locally Focused Validation Experiments for Active Human Body Models, IRCOBI 2020, IRC-20-26
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  • Francisco J. Lopez-Valdes, Krystoffer Mroz, Andre Eggers, Bengt Pipkorn, Julia Muehlbauer, Sylvia Schick & Steffen Peldschus (2018) Chest injuries of elderly postmortem human surrogates (PMHSs) under seat belt and airbag loading in frontal sled impacts: Comparison to matching THOR tests, Traffic Injury Prevention, 19:sup2, S55-S63, DOI: 10.1080/15389588.2018.1542139